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Wingspan Shelties Sales Contract for Companion Pets

(print and fill out)







Dog's Breed_________________________ Color_______________________Sex_____________

Call name______________________Microchip #________________________

AKC Registration#_________________________DOB_____________________
Testing performed_____________________________________________________________________
Registered name (if any)________________________________________________________________
Sire's registered name and AKC#__________________________________________________________________
Dam's registered name and AKC#_________________________________________________________________
Purchase Price________________________________________
Amount paid/Date_________________________Balance due/Date_______________________________

Date of ownership transfer/pick up_______________________

A nonrefundable deposit of $200 is required to hold the dog until it can be picked up from the seller on (date)__________, at which time payment will be made in full. Deposits will be applied to final cost of dog. Deposits will be forfeited to seller and the dog placed for sale if the dog is not picked up within 1 week of (date)__________ or if the buyer decides not to purchase the dog. 


If seller is unable to provide puppy or dog due to unforeseen events, seller will provide buyer choice of a return of deposit or a replacement dog that is acceptable to buyer.

The buyer agrees that all breed appropriate educational material provided by the seller has been read and understood and that the dog may have an adjustment period to its new home. The buyer further understands that the seller can be contacted at any time to discuss any concerns the buyer may have during this adjustment period and beyond. Puppy and/or foundation training classes are recommended to insure a good relationship with the dog. If, for any reason or at any time, the buyer no longer wishes or is able to keep the dog, the buyer agrees that the seller will be notified and the seller must be allowed to take back the dog. Once the dog has been placed in another home, the original purchase price of the dog (less $500 for expenses) will be returned to the buyer. 

Puppies will have received their first two rounds of vaccinations and be current for all veterinary care including age -appropriate worming treatment. Dogs will have received all recommended veterinary care, including but not limited to regular DA2PPv, core vaccines and rabies, will have tested negative for heartworm and will be on a heartworm preventative. A microchip registered to the seller with the seller's contact information will have been implanted in the dog and the buyer is encouraged to add their contact information to the microchip registration. All health and veterinary care records will be provided to buyer. Buyer agrees to provide the remaining two rounds of vaccinations to puppies, and continue monthly heartworm preventative and rabies vaccination at 6 months as well as follow and provide all veterinarian recommended care.

Health guarantee

Puppies and dogs are guaranteed to be functionally sound and free from hereditary defects which make the dog unfit as a pet, up to the age of five years. The purchase price will be refunded to the buyer upon return of the dog and veterinarian-certification of the hereditary defect. The buyer is strongly encouraged to have the dog examined by a veterinarian within 5 days of pickup to verify its health status. The buyer has the option to receive either 1. a full refund of the purchase price if dog is found to be ill within 5 days of pick up (as certified by the buyer's veterinarian) once the dog is returned to the seller, or 2. receive a refund from the seller for the treatment cost for the veterinarian-certified illness. 

Limited AKC registration and spay/neuter agreement

Buyer agrees that the puppy will be registered by the seller through AKC with the Wingspan prefix in its registered name. Both the registered and call name are the buyer's choice for limited registrations, except that the Wingspan kennel name must be included in the registered name and the registered name must begin with the alphabetic letter assigned to the litter. Adult and conformation prospect dogs will already have registered names recorded with AKC.


Adult dogs will have been spayed or neutered prior to transfer of ownership. Puppies are sold on a limited AKC registration and cannot be used for any breeding purpose. Buyer agrees to spay or neuter the puppy no earlier than 18 months, and to provide proof of spay/neuter to the seller. AKC registration, paperwork and ownership may be withheld if the buyer does not comply with the spay/neuter requirement. 

Standard of care

Buyer agrees that they have read and understood the breed-specific characteristics and tendencies that define the Shetland Sheepdog. In particular, the buyer understands and agrees to provide the needs of the sheltie for age-appropriate nutrition and access to fresh water, training, exercise, affection, a comfortable and stable home, appropriate outdoor fencing, leashing and supervision, and regular veterinary care. 

The legacy of Wingspan Shelties is well bred, healthy dogs that cherish their owners and are cherished in return. It is a joy to share our treasured dogs with you and we hope that you will consider us a part of your family along with your new pet. We love to get updates about their adventures and everyday lives with you. 

Both the Buyer and Seller have read the above contract and understand and agree to all the conditions stated herein. No amendments or attachments have been made/added to this contract. This contract is legal and binding. Both parties agree that any legal action pertaining to this dog will be brought forth in Madison County, KY where breeder resides.

Special Remarks______________________________________________________________________


Buyer’s signature _______________________________________________Date__________________ 

Seller’s signature _______________________________________________Date__________________

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